Basket Make Over

My sister-in-law gave me a metal basket the other day. While I loved the shape of it, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the woven wire and flower beads.

So I snipped off the wire, saved the beads and stuck on some vinyl I had left over from a magnet board I made a few years ago. (yes, it pays to hold on to certain things!)

Super easy and quick. My favorite kind of refashion 🙂


Scarf Dress

Remember this post? How I was able to make a woman’s elastic waist skirt out of one scarf?

Well, about a year later, I finally got around to using the other scarf I purchased and turned it into a toddler dress.

photo from ebay

Using Simplicity 2709, I cut out view F and used muslin for the lining. It’s a simple pattern, well written, but the dress is a bit time consuming. Nothing too crazy, though, just takes a bit of time to make all the tiers.

When I was finished, the dress needed something else to break up the small print, so I made a few yo-yos to put across the middle. But then the fabric was just a tad too bright an aqua (I used the scraps left over from this shirt).  Feeling a bit thwarted, but thrifty, I decided to dunk the yo-yos in bleach to see what happened to the color.

The end result? Perfection. They didn’t bleach evenly (the fabric had a raw thread to it) and it matched the older feel of the calico perfectly. I love it when my brilliant ideas work out!

Too bad my daughter had a melt down when she saw the flowers – she liked  it better “naked” as she put it. Such a hard life. 🙂

**no we didn’t get a dog – we are dog sitting for some friends**

Scarf Refashion

I bought this scarf for $3 the other day and figured it would make a great dress for my daughter or even a headband for myself. When I unfurled it at home, however, I found that it was a sarong masquerading as a scarf. This bad boy had at least two yards of fabric in it!  So I got out my shears, cut off the fringe on all sides but the bottom hems, cut the thing in half, sewed up the sides, attached a 3″ black elastic to the top and made myself a long skirt.  Out of one scarf!

Pretty snazzy, eh? So for $8 (the elastic was $5/yd, bleck), I have myself a nice lightweight skirt out of adorable fabric I’ve been drooling over ever since Target announced they were carrying a Liberty of London line. I’m excited to wear it to church on Sunday and see if it passes the Nursery test. I take care of our sweet little 18m-4 yr olds and anything I wear has to be able to withstand crawling on the floor, bending over, wiping noses, handing out snacks, cleaning up water, putting away toys, dancing, etc. For skirts & dresses, that seems to be a tall bill to fit!