Living Room Update

So, since we painted our livingroom/tv room/converted garage box of a room a lovely shade of green, I have yet to decorate.  We rearranged furniture and that’s about it. I know what I want to do with the room, but our budget is not allowing for any kind of decorating at the moment.  One day I’ll be able to buy new curtains, or cheaply update our boring tan ones, get a wood curtain rod to match all the others in the house, and get stuff to put on the walls. Maybe a few bookcases/storage thingies. At least my furniture works!

These are my inspirations:

this room found in House Beautiful. Oh how I adore that fabric!


– these topiaries from New Moon (yes, scoff and mock, but one can find inspiration anywhere) in Bella’s birthday scene. They are amazing.

Twilight New Moon


Now, as I said, my decorating budget is nill, so buying silk flowers is out of the picture. Sad, huh? But right now all my extra income is going to Christmas presents (so buy headbands so I can buy a gift for my husband :).

However, today, via How About Orange, I figured out how I’m going to make my own versions of the topiaries.  This tutorial + paper doilies + glass vases = awesome cheap topiaries.

Or at least, I hope so. Here’s to hoping I can find some vases, like these from Pier 1, for cheap!


Flower Fenzy

Six months ago we moved into our home, yet it still has the “just moved-in” clutter, the “I’ll decorate when the boxes unpack themselves” feel in each room.  Aside from my daughter’s room and bathroom. 

I blame it on flowers – my overwhelming drive to make crafty flowers. I just can’t help myself. Especially when I find myself looking at LollyChop’s site at midnight, in a semi-coma that comes from the need to sleep coupled with the inability to actually  fall asleep. Then I spend the rest of the night and the next day in a flower making frenzy.

Flowers are to blame, also, because the hubs hates an overabundance of flower decor.  In any room aside from his baby girl’s.  So all those flowers end up in her room. Where they fit perfectly, thankfully.  But it leaves the rest of the house a bit bare.

This last bout of late night flower making resulted in a white frame with paper & felt rolled flowers from Lolly‘s first video tutorial. *side note – this video made me love Lolly even more. The woman is just as crazy a crafter as me!* The only difference between the flowers she made in her tutorial and mine is that I used hot glue for my felt flowers.

I used an ugly old brown and gold (oh the tacky) vaguely Native American print frame, sanded it down and painted it white. Then, using the felt left over from my Halloween costume last year (I was Magenta from Blue’s Clues) and the left over heavy double sided paper from my daughter’s tack board, I made a bazillion rolled flowers and some leaves.

I love the way it turned out. Luckily, my daughter does to.

Easter Decorations

My blogging friend Sheena posted an awesome tutorial on how to make a tissue paper pompom garland
It’s super easy and super cute. 
Even if mine ended up looking more like flowers.
Which is so ok with me.  Flowers and me are like pb & j. 
My only suggestion is to work with tissue paper that’s less wide than you think it should be, or the part down the middle doesn’t blend, as you can see with the pink and blue ones. I think the best looking ones I made were about 8 inches or so  (I was using high quality artist’s tissue paper, so I’m not sure on the dims)… I’ll have to double check, but I thought for sure they’d look terrible and turned out perfect. 
Just remember to use 8 layers of tissue paper, instead of being like me, who tried the first time with only one layer. Didn’t work so well 🙂

flower art

So, I have a big aversion to fabric crafts and glue guns. Something about the two paired together screams 1970 crappy crafty. Like those fabric covered frames and photo albums. Blehck.

Am I the only one?

Anyways, I’ve wanted things to decorate my daughter’s room that were a bit more than just decorator art (you know the “paintings” people by just ’cause they match a room?). The previous owner had painted the smaller bedroom princess pink, so that’s the room she got when we moved in.

When she was born, I had intended for her room to be mainly soft sage green and dark wood. Funny how it’s turned, over the course of her two years, into pink with bright green and white furniture! I love the transformation, though. So perfect for my fairy princess loving girl.

LollyChops had pompoms as flowers during her WallFlower Week (which was seriously close to craft crack for me) and I had to incorporate them into my girl’s room. Only I didn’t want to spend any money. ‘Cause I cheap. 🙂

And that’s where things got super crafty.

Left over yarn from a scarf I just made (more about that in another post) got wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and then cut and cut and cut into pompoms.

No paper on hand that I liked, so I cut a piece from her old crib “skirt”, put some batting behind it and glued it to the carboard back of the frame.

An old frame that I had painted black for the old nursery got painted green. Then glossy white.

Bright green ribbon from some bow project turned into the stems and leaves.

All secured together with the really expensive glue gun I just bought. (oh it was sooo worth it)

Aside from some wayward glue, I really like how it turned out. Maybe the frame was a tad bit big, but since I had it on hand, well, it’s perfect.

The cost of this project?


I am in love with the striped fabric called Carmona in Tivoli from Pindler & Pinlder as seen in House Beautiful this month.

Too bad I will never have the cash to afford even a yard of the stuff. 
But it would look stunning in my living room.
I like wanting