About Me

I’m a domestic goddess…

…who gets words a bit backwards, more often than not, when I talk. Hence the name of my blog – I was trying to say loot and booty and repeatedly got it backwards.

…who married an amazing man and had an amazing baby a few years later.

…who also adores the colors orange and pink. But not together.

…who could talk the rear end off a horse. And then some.

…who also has a BA in Art History and an overwhelming desire to create.

I try to create something once a day, from any of my many interests. Most of the time it’s just color crayon scribbles and dinner, but the creation is still there. Other times, it’s clothing, decorating our new house, making jewlerey, restoring antiques, photography, and graphic design. To name a few.

I know a little bit about everything {right brained} but not a lot of any one thing. You know? Jack of all trades, master of none? Unless you want to know about turn of the century Vienese art. Then I know a whole lot. Or used to.

See, I had my first baby & lost my brain.  I’m still looking for it.

Creating is helping me find it.

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