We Want to Know Wednesday Q & A

In an effort to get myself blogging here more often, I’m joining in with Mamarazzi & co on thier Q & A.


The theme of the Q&A this week is Friendship:

{1} Do you make friends easily?
{2} What 3 qualities are a must in a friend?
{3} What makes you a good friend?
{4} Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life?
Yes? tell us about your meet up. No? who would you love to meet?
{5} Who is your best friend? Tell us about them.

Here are my answers:

1) No, I don’t make friends easily. Part of it is because I can be unapproachable  – in our family we have what we call “THE glare”. Most of us have this unconscious tendency to glare while thinking, no matter what we are thinking about. And we think a lot. I’ve been told that my glare isn’t so bad, but I am trying to be better at being friendly and approachable. Keeping a smile on my face, saying hi, things like that. There is a woman at my church who I try to emmulate – she is so friendly, I’d be floored if anyone didn’t love her. The other part is that I like friendships to grow and bloom like roses. I like to take it slow, let the relationship grow slowly, to grow deep roots, and then turn into something beautiful.
2) Three qualities that are a must in a friend:
— mental soundness. This may seem weird or even rude, but I attract the loonies like fly paper. Seriously, just ask me about a few of my roommates. Scary stuff. So, yes, you must be mentally sound.
— honesty, even in its most painful form.
— loyalty. There’s nothing worse than spilling your innermost private thoughts to someone and then have them blab about it or laugh about you with other people.
3) I guess I already answered that above, but I think I’m a good friend because I ‘m not afraid to stand up for my friends, and I have a tendency to try to protect them, no matter if they are in the wrong or not. I’m also not afraid to tell it like it is, so my friends don’t have to worry about where they stand with me.  I’d like to think of myself as a sympathetic ear –  I really do care about people’s feelings and love talking.
4) No, I haven’t met a bloggy friend in real life, since 99.9% of my blogging friends are friends I know from life outside the web. That said, I’d like to meet Sheena, because she is the .1% 🙂
5) My best friend? Well, it’s a toss up between the Hubs, my bestie Rachel and my Mom.
– the Hubs and I were friends before we dated. It wasn’t until a few months after that I realized how special our connection was. We could talk about anything. For hours. We laughed at the same jokes. While we didn’t (and still don’t) enjoy all the same things, I love my man for opening my eyes to things that I never payed much attention to in the past. Sports. Video games. Healthcare. He’s the best man in the world – he hardly ever looses his temper, he’s steady as a rock, calm, level headed, carefree (which balances my over controlling side quite nicely), and happy. I love him more than I ever thought I could love another human.
– my bestie Rachel. Our friendship took two years to “mature”. We knew each other from church, but hardly spoke more than a greeting for over a year. Then we both had babies and started having good excuses to hang out (our girls are three months apart). I went over to her house to look at a few baby clothes (at least I think that was why I was over) and stayed for a while. Then we went on a long shopping trip and we’ve been besties ever since. Rachel is so honest, it’s comical. She’s not afraid to say anything to anyone and I love her for it. She’s her own person and never apologizes for being herself. She’ll talk with me for hours about one small incident that made me crazy and I do the same for her. She’s one of those people who has to travel – she’ll just get in the car and go. Doesn’t matter how far or how young her kids are. She’s fearless about driving long distances. And she has a class C driver’s licence. I miss that girl.
– my Mom. I am proud to say that she’s been my closest friend for my whole life. She’s so giving, funny,thoughtful, creative, loving, beautiful, honest and talented that for a while, I was jealous of how good she was at the things I liked. Then I realized that she had had so much extra time to cultivate her talents that it was worthless to compare. She’s always been there for me and I love her dearly.
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  1. i love that you played…did you link up? i found this via Facebook. i will have to check the link list. i have been visiting people all day.

    i love when i discover that a IRL friend is a blogger. but i also love the friends who i have made blogging.

    Sheena seems like a fun girl, i can see why you would add her as the 1%.

    that picture of “Hubs” is hilarious!! does he ever make a straight face for the camera or is he always cheesy?

    • So is it safe to say that you know Mamarazzi OUTSIDE of the bloggy world? If so, I’m completely jealous! She’s amazeballs and I hope to meet her one day. The pics of the hubs and the friend are crackin’ me up! I totally should have included my mom since we’re so close (and since she reads my blog) but I didn’t! Whoopise!

      Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. This will sound really trite but I LOVED your answers. And I know what you mean about the glare because I have one too, even online!

  3. Mental soundness, because you attract the loonies like fly paper! That has got the be the funniest thing I have read yet! I love your honesty! You have the glare and I apparently have the Bitch look. I don’t mean to but…

    Thanks for linking up or did Mamarazzi do it for you? Either was it was fun!

  4. Is there really a “glare” or did you make that up?

  5. I gotta say I was surprised to find out that you don’t make friends easily. We connected so quickly and easily I guess I assumed you were that way w/everyone. Kinda makes me feel special 😉


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