eShakti – possibly the best place to shop

eShakti – Shop Women’s designer fashion dresses, tops| Size 0-26W &Custom clothes.

Have you heard about eShakti yet? I stumbled upon it a while ago, during a search for formal wear (my sister’s Master’s degree concert is in two weeks and she needs a formal dress to wear) and have been drooling over their clothes since.

All I can say is that this site is awesome.

Wish that dress had sleeves?


Wish that cute cocktail dress covered your kness?


Wish that plunging neckline was a little less, uh, plunging?


Wish that high scoop neck was square?


Love the fit of custom clothes, but can’t afford alterations?

This, my dear, is your site.

Just about every item eShatki sells is alterable.

Everything can be made custom to your measurements.

For me, it’s wonderful. I don’t always have time, energy or patience to make my own dresses.  One day I’ll invest in a dress form, but for now, it’s a pain to pin a dress for alterations while I’m wearing it. I’ve also been “blessed” with Oprah like arms, so a lot of the clothes at the stores with short sleeves that fit in the torso are too tight in the arm. So being able to pick a dress and have someone else make it to my particular measurements is awesome.

I have a little bit of play money right now, so I bought this teal beauty above, with puff sleeves and a few inches added on the hem. Plus, I had it made to my measurements.

I can hardly wait for it to come in the mail.