Fabric Boxes

Are you thrifty?


Even, perhaps, cheap?


Are you a fan of reduce, reuse, recycle?


Do you love using what you have on hand?


Do you love organization and those sweet boxes that hold everything?


Do you like to sew?


Do you find yourself at the store, thinking to yourself, “Self, we could make that! Why buy it?!!”


Then maybe, you thought, like I did, that $10 for a fabric storage box, like this one, is outrageous.

That you could make one out of extra fabric at home, make it the exact dims that you want and it would be perfect.


Maybe, like me, you’ve decided to make your own.

Perhaps you’ve collected an absurd amount of old cereal boxes for just that purpose.

Maybe you’ve experienced an epic fail and come to the realization that it is, indeed, worth the $10 to buy a storage bin.


If you have, then lets be friends.

If you haven’t, take my adivce and just buy the stupid things from IKEA or some place.

If you’ve tried to make one on your own and succeeded, please don’t mention it.


I’m still upset that this box making stuff has bested me.

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     /  February 24, 2011


  2. I’m convinced nothing you make in an entirely epic failure. You’re just too fabulous for that!

  1. Perhaps not an Epic Fail « Boot & Looty

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