Perhaps not an Epic Fail

This morning I hunkered down and completed the box.

It ain’t pretty. Nor is it completley functional as I had intended it to be, for it is too wide to sit on the back of the toilette. It does, however, match the bathroom quiet well and holds the cloth diapers quite well, as intended.

So I didn’t epically fail, but still not as successful as I would have liked.

{I used this tutorial as a guide}


Fabric Boxes

Are you thrifty?


Even, perhaps, cheap?


Are you a fan of reduce, reuse, recycle?


Do you love using what you have on hand?


Do you love organization and those sweet boxes that hold everything?


Do you like to sew?


Do you find yourself at the store, thinking to yourself, “Self, we could make that! Why buy it?!!”


Then maybe, you thought, like I did, that $10 for a fabric storage box, like this one, is outrageous.

That you could make one out of extra fabric at home, make it the exact dims that you want and it would be perfect.


Maybe, like me, you’ve decided to make your own.

Perhaps you’ve collected an absurd amount of old cereal boxes for just that purpose.

Maybe you’ve experienced an epic fail and come to the realization that it is, indeed, worth the $10 to buy a storage bin.


If you have, then lets be friends.

If you haven’t, take my adivce and just buy the stupid things from IKEA or some place.

If you’ve tried to make one on your own and succeeded, please don’t mention it.


I’m still upset that this box making stuff has bested me.

Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s not just about romantic love – it’s about the love we have for everyone in our lives. Tell someone you love them, quick, before the day runs out! 🙂


Have you heard of Project Run and Play? It’s a competition a la Project Runway, with various bloggers who sew children’s clothes competing for something. Honestly, I have no idea what the prize is for winning, but I like following the blog and getting inspiration from the weekly challenges.  Week before last’s challenge was vintage or retro inspired clothing, so I decided that I should merge two shirts I had that were just waiting to be refashioned into a dress for the Bean. Taking inspiration from the sweet 50s/60s (of course I didn’t save the picture when I found it on google search and now I can’t find it again) and with a little help from Simplcity, I created this:

{jeggings – only adorable on pint sizes}

from these:

This fucshia shirt is a H&M smock that I bought while nursing – it looked really good then, but after we I moved on from that and I lost a bit of weight, it just looks frumpy dumpy.

This navy shirt is a Gap shirt my Mom bought me in my nursing days, as well. The top part always looked good, but the bottom was too billowy for my frame so I always looked preggo. No beuno.

Both shirts were made out of lovely fabric (hello navy blue eyelet! fuchsia and navy blue floral!) and I think together they look smashing.  To make the toddler jumper, I just cut up the bottom of the navy shirt into bias strips (for the ruffle and the edging of the yoke), used the eyelet for the top of the jumper, and then cut down the middle of the fuchsia, keeping the pockets intact, but reducing the amount of fabric. I wish I had been able to get a clear shot of the pockets – Bean is really into pockets these days and is thrilled that this dress has them for all her rocks.

Thanks, Project Run & Play for giving me the inspiration I needed to finally turn these duds into an adorable jumper!

A little humor, fashion style

I interrupt my day of frantic sewing (I really am working on more projects, I swear, one of which I am super excited to share) for a little bit of fashion humor.


Why, I always wondered what a lunch sized paper bag would look like wrapped around my waist and between my legs like a diaper.

Pair it with a blue polka dot top and you’ve got yourself a blueberry muffin, complete with wrapper.

“my muffin top is all that whole grain low fat…” bless you 30 Rock.

A Little Love

Is it February already? January flew by me in a blur – last I checked, it was New Years. Honestly, each month seems to fly by until mid August and slows down to a snail’s pace until October. I’m really not a big fan of  the back to school season.

Another Valentine’s day is just around the corner. I know for some, it’s just a reminder that they aren’t in a relationship, but as a child, my mother did all that she could to make us see the holiday as one about the love we have for those in our lives. We always got a sweet gift to wear, like a pin or necklace or earrings, and a bag of treats. I may not have had a lot of friends or ever a boyfriend on the holiday, but I always felt loved.

These days, I have a quiet night with the Hub s. Dinner at home (usually something we rarely have, like flank steak) and a movie, away from the hullabaloo at the restaurants. We don’t do big presents, but we focus on the love we share for each other and for our daughter.

Because this life really isn’t about the gifts or the cards – it’s about the relationships we have with the people around us.

So, as my Valentine’s gift to you, my dear readers, I designed a desktop calendar.  Just a little something to help you feel the love this month 🙂 Enjoy!

{click to enlarge & download}