Tasty & Healthy Cookie Dough?

To start, I just have to say that I am madly in love with my food processor. How in the world did I live with out it??


Back to the topic on hand.

A few years ago my Mom introduced me to Larabars, a gluten free, all natural nutrition bar.  I wasn’t super excited about them at first, even if it is super hard to find any kind of energy/nutrition bar that is gf, but I was turned off by the dates. Can you blame me for thinking they look like candied roaches? Anyway, I tried one (must have been the apple pie flavor) and aside from feeling like the flavor was really intense, I loved that one bar kept me full for a long time. As time has gone on, they’ve introduced different flavors and I’m totally sold. But I can’t afford the yumminess on a regular basis. So they’ve been strickly vacation/road trip food.

Until I saw Sheena’s post. Homemade larabars? Oh hannah, those I can do.

Using what I had on hand (and with a little help from the larabar website), I made up my own, 4 ingredient chocolate chip cookie dough bars & brought them with me to Church on Sunday. (I totally felt like a hippie, what with our switch to cloth diapers, more on that later, and our homemade snacks. Please slap me if I start hugging trees.)

The Bean ate one whole one in 1 minute. I was impressed.

The Hubs took one to work and wasn’t starving at lunch time.

I knew  I had a winner.


So here, it is:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Snack Bars

1 cup dates, chopped

1 cup cashews, chopped

1/2 c bittersweet Ghirardelli chocolate chips

1/4 c Cuittard’s Choc-au-lait chips

**Now, if you are like me, you’re going to want to add salt to this. Don’t! For this particular flavor, no salt is needed. I added a little bit with my first batch and it was faar too salty.**

Place all ingredients in a food processor and chop until mix becomes a paste. Line a loaf pan with saran wrap (or wax paper) and place mixture in pan. Spread as evenly as possible and place a piece of saran wrap on top, then take a second loaf pan and press mixture flat. Remove second loaf pan and gently lift pressed mixture onto a cutting board. Cut into 1″ strips and wrap seperatly with saran wrap. Enjoy!

Makes 8 bars



Good Things To Come

Oh sweet little blog, with your few followers, I do have some fancy ideas for you this year.

Numerous tutorials, patterns and shameless plugs for my etsy shop are in the works, as are a few other ideas.


But here is the teaser of what to look forward to:

a toddler sized bubble skirt

ain’t it just so cute?

Happy New Years

Or as we like to call it:

Happy Bean’s Day!

That’s right, our little Bean’s birthday is the first of January. No, I didn’t get anything special for pushing her out – a set of twins beat her to being the first baby of the new year at our hospital. But she’s still just as special as if she had been. She’s such a light in our lives! Just don’t tell her all those balloons that came down from the ceiling at the party last night weren’t for her birthday…..

Here’s the shirt I made for her to wear to the party.  (I used Illustrator and a computer print out iron on.) Of course I forgot to save the file in Illustrator and then dumb old Windows decided to update and reboot, thereby leaving me with no file of my work…. Ah well. At least the shirt survived and I think I can recreate it, if needs be.