Oh, Photoshop & Lightroom, how I love thee

Admist the Christmas prep (my sewing room is litterally covered in projects at the moment, if I wasn’t so proud, I’d snap a picture to show y’all), I edited this picture in Photoshop and then in Lightroom. Yes, I know Photoshop does the same thing as Lightroom. I just prefer Lightroom, but there are a few things I cant do with it.

Anyhoo, my sister in law had a photo of her Hubby and herself that she really liked, but the background was awful.  So she asked me if I could fix it and after looking at it, I knew I could.

The ugly yellow:

The perfected photo:

I used a few adjustment layers in Photoshop, coloring the background blue, then coloring the shadows to match, and fixing a few of the outlines. Then in Lightroom, I used a few of my presets (I love. love. love presets)  to get the brightness right and to create that pretty dark around the edges feel.  All in all, a pretty fun & easy fix. Now a marginally good photo is display ready!

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  1. Emily

     /  December 13, 2010

    So I have a photo that has similar problems (lighting/background). Want to fix it for me? I would be so grateful. I have to get it from my mom though


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