Babies are such a great way to start people

A good friend of mine is having a baby girl in February. She’s actually the sister of the Hubs’ best childhood friend, whom I was on a date (of sorts) with when I met the Hubs. And whose mother was my coworker at Barnes and Noble and takes credit for my marriage, since she set her son and I up, leading to the “date” on which I met the Hubs. And my friend married a good friend of the Hubs and her brother/the childhood best bud. Follow? Good. Anyways, love that girl and am so excited for her to be a mommy. And dying to find out what her name will be (they are keeping it a secret).

So excited, in fact, that I whipped up this little sundress number for the bundle of joy to wear next summer, using B3405 .

The fabric is from an old dress of my sister-in-law’s, of which I totally forgot to snap a picture. Think this (which is actually the dress, but chopped short), but with this length skirt. I have more than enough fabric left over to make a dress for Bean.

The cotton eyelet lace is from my Mom’s amazing stash (she and I have an affinity for the stuff). As are the buttons which of course I forgot to take a picture of. Geeze, I really dropped the ball on picture taking with this project, didn’t I?? Just picture cute white buttons down the back. Anyways, I love the fabric with the lace – gives it a feminine feel with out all the pink or heinous purple.


I just can’t wait to see the little squishy she-whose-name-will-not-be-said in this number next year!


Living Room Update

So, since we painted our livingroom/tv room/converted garage box of a room a lovely shade of green, I have yet to decorate.  We rearranged furniture and that’s about it. I know what I want to do with the room, but our budget is not allowing for any kind of decorating at the moment.  One day I’ll be able to buy new curtains, or cheaply update our boring tan ones, get a wood curtain rod to match all the others in the house, and get stuff to put on the walls. Maybe a few bookcases/storage thingies. At least my furniture works!

These are my inspirations:

this room found in House Beautiful. Oh how I adore that fabric!


– these topiaries from New Moon (yes, scoff and mock, but one can find inspiration anywhere) in Bella’s birthday scene. They are amazing.

Twilight New Moon


Now, as I said, my decorating budget is nill, so buying silk flowers is out of the picture. Sad, huh? But right now all my extra income is going to Christmas presents (so buy headbands so I can buy a gift for my husband :).

However, today, via How About Orange, I figured out how I’m going to make my own versions of the topiaries.  This tutorial + paper doilies + glass vases = awesome cheap topiaries.

Or at least, I hope so. Here’s to hoping I can find some vases, like these from Pier 1, for cheap!


After being more than annoyed at blogger for a while, here I am on wordpress. There’s a bit of a learning curve, so it may take me a bit to get everything looking the way I want it to.

Anyways, the other day I saw some fabric flower headbands on etsy (speaking of which, go check out my shop and place an order – my headbands make great stocking stuffers!), I decided I must make one of my own.  It’s such a great use for all those scraps I have lying around and who doesn’t like adding a little spunk to a plain t and jeans outfit (aka – the momiform)?

I used the same idea behind my flower-tshirt embellishment, but folded the strips in half length wise, to keep the edges clean. Then I had then ends meet, forming a circle. Not too hard, but a little time consuming. I also made it so I could remove it from the headband. I’m not sure if my felt will hold up after multiple removals, so I’ll have to perfect the idea before trying to say that I came up with a great idea to have interchangeable headbands 🙂 Cause I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like having a gazillion plastic headbands laying around – they are sooo hard to store.

I think it turned out pretty cute. Cute enough to add to my etsy store? We’ll just have to see…

It’s Open!

My etsy shop is up and rolling! Right now, I just have a few headbands up, but I’m working on getting a lot more  up for sale in the next bit. Go and check it out!


So, I succesfully turned this:

Into this:
And surprisingly, it was almost easy. 

Because I wanted the cartoon Queen of Hearts, I had a bit of an issue finding a pattern. I finally decided that S2813 would do the trick, since it had a seam up the front bodice, making it easy to do the black on one side and the red on the other. I didn’t, however, notice that the front of the skirt wasn’t a traditional one piece that has a seam at the side of the hips. Instead, it has the back pieces wrapping around to the front panel 1/3 of the way in from the sides. So, I decided to make the underskirt the front skirt panel (the black and yellow chevrons, just ziggzaged on) and then cut the back pieces into 4, instead of cutting on the fold and making 2. If that makes any sense.

It was a pretty easy pattern change and for once, I put a zipper in easily. There is something to be said for Simplicity’s zipper installation instructions. So much easier than the method I’ve always used, but not as clean looking as the method on the zipper packaging. It works really well for costumes, though!

I used broadcloth for the entire dress, with a heavy weight pellon for the collar and bodice interfacing. If I make the pattern again, I’ll add some boning to the bodice, since it tended to bunch up a bit. Other than that, I wouldn’t change much about the pattern.

On another note, I’m almost ready to open the etsy shop, so hopefully it’ll be ready by the end of the week. Which would be tomorrow….