Crafty Madness Over Here

Again, it’s taken me far too long to post all the crafty things I’ve been up to. Ah well, c’est la vie, non? 
So, let’s blame it on Halloween, and turning this Snow White pattern:
into this Queen of Hearts dress:
my daughter is going as Alice (I had the keen foresight to order her dress last year during the Disney store’s clearance sale, yes, I took the easy route and no, I’m not ashamed 🙂 and the Hubs is going as the White Rabbit.
And painting our TV room (a garage conversion) a beautiful shade of green (white is just too blah). Don’t worry, we’re installing crown molding next, so that ghastly white strip will be hidden.

And trying to crochet enough headbands to open an etsy store before Christmas (yeesh, who knew my arms would get so tight crocheting, painting and sewing in all my “spare” time?). I plan to open it up next week. *crossing fingers*  I have one more headband to finish and then all I need to do is take pictures. Yikes! I’m excited and a bit nervous to actually be selling my work, and my designs. I feel like anything taking this much effort to get started isn’t going to be more than just a pipe dream. So, once it’s up, order one or two and tell your amigos, k? K.

Quilt II

I finally finished my second attempt at this quilt. I think I started it in February (maybe January) using scraps from baby blankets I’ve made – it was intended to be an Easter gift for my daughter’s BFF. 

It’s now a birthday gift for her. 

Because I am that on top of this whole quilting thing 🙂

But you must admit, this was speedy compared to the 3.5 years it took me to finish the first one.

I’ve learned a lot about quilting since I started my daughter’s quilt 4 years ago:
  1. Tie your outer corners, or the batting will move like crazy
  2. Cut your tie ends short (if using wool yarn) so it balls up properly (otherwise, they look like ratty fuzzy tails)
  3. Strip cutting is the only way to go, or your squares end up all funky sized.
  4. Cut off the selvage from your fabric piece
  5. Sew with 1/4″ seams! (I know, duh, right? but years of sewing 5/8″ makes 1/4″ seem to tiny to work)
  6. Don’t just lay the batting and back piece on top of the quilt and cut them out using the top piece as a pattern. Measure, measure, measure.
  7. I still don’t love quilting, but I am begining to like how quickly a simple quilt can come together.

And here it is, the BFF’s birthday quilt: