Oodles of Flowers

Ok, I’ve been meaning to take pictures of all the flowers I’ve been making, but it’s a little tricky to take pictures of my own head. So today I tried to get my daughter to model them for me, which only ended in tears. For both of us. I ended up bribing her with chocolate. Oh the things a mom will stoop to 🙂 At least she loved the treat!
My baby girl did a great job of modeling though, and I finally (after 6 8 months) found the perfect spot in the house for natural lighting. And a great back drop. 
So here are the four flower hair doodads I’ve made:

{tutorial from the full of life Rhonna Farrer of Rhonna Designs}
Super easy – my 12 yr old niece made one with out any major issues. And super fast. I used my glue gun and scorched my fingers once or twice, but that’s just cause I’m clumsy. The button in the middle I picked up in my college days for a witch costume that I never made (surprisingly they still sell it at JoAnn’s).
{tutorial also from Rhonna}
I love this one – probably because I am a bit of a pyro and to get the petals to curl, you hold them over a flame. Ooooo. So much fun. I just saw another tutorial that uses various circles instead of a strip of fabric that I’ll have to try out.
{tutorial from creativeyarn}
This one took some thinking. The pattern is easy, until you get to one point where it becomes obvious that she’s Italian 🙂 But once you figure out she means to join 30 spaces from the end, it comes together easily. I made the first out of the recommended worsted weight yarn and felt it looked too much like a doily on my head than a flower. The second I made with fingering weight and I like it much better. Less granny hippie. I also decreased the amount in the chain (I think I did 80) because I have a small head.