3 Years in the Making

I started peicing this quilt together when I was pregnant with my daughter, about 3 years ago. After unpicking the whole thing to replace a pink that I didn’t like, then resewing it in the wrong order, then resewing it with the incorrect seam allowance (5/8″ is ingrained in my head!), then realizing some of the squares had little cuts in the corners that would fray, well, I finally got it all put together with the sashing.

Only to realize that I had flipped the top and bottom strips and messed up the pattern.

Oh well, it’s got more character now and there is no. way. I’m taking that quilt top apart again.

Now I need to cut the backing out, get some batting and decide if I want to hand quilt, machine quilt or tie it.  I think it all depends on how much more time I’m willing to put into it once I get the back on 🙂

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  1. Ooo, so cute! But boo! about all the re-dos. It's nice to I'm not the only one who messes up while sewing. :p


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