Pillowcase Dress

Is it me, or are pillowcase dresses something that never goes out of fashion for little girls? I love the way their loose fitting silhouette looks on a little one. So carefree, comfy & beautifully simple. Makes me wish I could handle billowy, shapeless dresses.

I’ve been meaning to make one for a while, but hadn’t found a pattern that I liked. I didn’t want one that scrunched up around the arm pits (or did that horrid looking V that no arm hole should ever do), or looked like it was choking the poor child wearing it. Bless Susan of Freshly Picked! She has the perfect tutorial, the only thing lacking is the width measurement for the fabric since she was using a pillow case and I wanted to use scrap fabric. So I found the dims on a standard pillow case and cut the fabric to 21″ wide. In the next hour, I managed to rock this dress out, embellishments and all.  (embellishments found here at Ruffles and Stuff)

Such a cute dress, maybe a little wide for the intended child, but adorable just the same, with room to grow.

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  1. mmmm, I think I'm addicted to pillowcase dresses. Lucky for me there isn't any rehab for 'em.


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