Scarf Refashion

I bought this scarf for $3 the other day and figured it would make a great dress for my daughter or even a headband for myself. When I unfurled it at home, however, I found that it was a sarong masquerading as a scarf. This bad boy had at least two yards of fabric in it!  So I got out my shears, cut off the fringe on all sides but the bottom hems, cut the thing in half, sewed up the sides, attached a 3″ black elastic to the top and made myself a long skirt.  Out of one scarf!

Pretty snazzy, eh? So for $8 (the elastic was $5/yd, bleck), I have myself a nice lightweight skirt out of adorable fabric I’ve been drooling over ever since Target announced they were carrying a Liberty of London line. I’m excited to wear it to church on Sunday and see if it passes the Nursery test. I take care of our sweet little 18m-4 yr olds and anything I wear has to be able to withstand crawling on the floor, bending over, wiping noses, handing out snacks, cleaning up water, putting away toys, dancing, etc. For skirts & dresses, that seems to be a tall bill to fit!

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  1. holy cow. so cute! and that's a lot of fabric for a scarf. i'm gonna start looking closer at those. not that i'll be able to do amazing things like you.

  2. I know I commented on facebook already, but I cannot get over how gorgeous this skirt is. I LOVE its simple lines, and the pattern–GORGEOUS! And it is the PERFECT length! I wanna be like you when I grow up! 😉

  3. So, so fabulous! I adore the Liberty of London line too. I can't even believe a single scarf had so much darn fabric!

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