Scarf Refashion

I bought this scarf for $3 the other day and figured it would make a great dress for my daughter or even a headband for myself. When I unfurled it at home, however, I found that it was a sarong masquerading as a scarf. This bad boy had at least two yards of fabric in it!  So I got out my shears, cut off the fringe on all sides but the bottom hems, cut the thing in half, sewed up the sides, attached a 3″ black elastic to the top and made myself a long skirt.  Out of one scarf!

Pretty snazzy, eh? So for $8 (the elastic was $5/yd, bleck), I have myself a nice lightweight skirt out of adorable fabric I’ve been drooling over ever since Target announced they were carrying a Liberty of London line. I’m excited to wear it to church on Sunday and see if it passes the Nursery test. I take care of our sweet little 18m-4 yr olds and anything I wear has to be able to withstand crawling on the floor, bending over, wiping noses, handing out snacks, cleaning up water, putting away toys, dancing, etc. For skirts & dresses, that seems to be a tall bill to fit!


Summer Staple

As promised, here are the pictures of the shirts I made for my daughter while I was sick, using Simplicity Pattern 3511. Knowing that the two of you who read this blog regularly want to see pictures, I snapped some shots today in full sun. I don’t recommend taking pictures outside during the sun’s zenith, but I’m impatient to get a post up (really, how is it the 11th of June???). So, high contrast and all, here are they are.
My first attempt: pattern size 2, white seersucker yoke & sleeves, striped seersucker from the TuttiFrutti collection 3 years ago, pink ribbon & white 1/2″ buttons. Result: slightly big for my girl (she weas a 2t bottom, 3t top in RTW) overall, and the sleeves were far too billowy for her.  That said, I love the look of the tunic top and she’ll grow into it.
Second attempt: blue shirting with a raw thread from my mom’s fabric stash, 1/2″ white flower buttons, pattern size 1 with a size 2 length. Result: perfect fit, lovely billowy fabric that floats away from the body, perfect for summer (I wish that there had been enough left over for a top for me). The color is amazing on my blonde haired blue eyed girl.
This pattern is super easy, fast, and a great staple for summer. I’m working on two more dresses using the same pattern, one with a plaid skirt and striped yoke, the other with seersucker. 

Flower Fenzy

Six months ago we moved into our home, yet it still has the “just moved-in” clutter, the “I’ll decorate when the boxes unpack themselves” feel in each room.  Aside from my daughter’s room and bathroom. 

I blame it on flowers – my overwhelming drive to make crafty flowers. I just can’t help myself. Especially when I find myself looking at LollyChop’s site at midnight, in a semi-coma that comes from the need to sleep coupled with the inability to actually  fall asleep. Then I spend the rest of the night and the next day in a flower making frenzy.

Flowers are to blame, also, because the hubs hates an overabundance of flower decor.  In any room aside from his baby girl’s.  So all those flowers end up in her room. Where they fit perfectly, thankfully.  But it leaves the rest of the house a bit bare.

This last bout of late night flower making resulted in a white frame with paper & felt rolled flowers from Lolly‘s first video tutorial. *side note – this video made me love Lolly even more. The woman is just as crazy a crafter as me!* The only difference between the flowers she made in her tutorial and mine is that I used hot glue for my felt flowers.

I used an ugly old brown and gold (oh the tacky) vaguely Native American print frame, sanded it down and painted it white. Then, using the felt left over from my Halloween costume last year (I was Magenta from Blue’s Clues) and the left over heavy double sided paper from my daughter’s tack board, I made a bazillion rolled flowers and some leaves.

I love the way it turned out. Luckily, my daughter does to.

Happy Memorial Day

Home of the free because of the brave – thank you to all of our service men & women who have worked so hard to keep us safe!