I Actually Won Something??

Ok, so I never win anything. I have the worst luck. Really. I remember going to a jr high raffle and wanting to win the big (who knows what it was) prize. I think I walked away with a coupon or something, but I was elated. I’ve never had any luck from then on.

Now the Hubs on the other hand, wins all the time. Or at least he did before we got married. He’s won a computer, golf clubs, and a number of other things I can’t remember.

But today my luck changed.

I won a gift certificate to Down East Basics via Gabrielle Blair’s DesignMom blog. (oh how I love her. have I mentioned that? no? oh, well I do.)  How awesome is that??

Especially since life kinda sucks right now. Seems like we can’t keep our heads above water and the issues keep pilling up. This morning I was feeling particularly down and just plodding through one of my many design projects, listening to the sirens out side. (a pedestrian was hit by a car on the corner of our street) And then I looked at my email. And there it was –  a note from Gabrielle telling me I won.

What a great boost of spirits that email was!

Just proof that when life is hard, there is always something to brighten your day. A call/visit from a friend, a tv ad, a comment on your blog, a smile from a stranger, or winning a giveaway – something comes along to make us feel better.

Anyways, thanks a ton to Gabrielle and the folks over at DownEast!!!

My hubs’ reaction? “Now go win us a car!” (we have a two door Alero – not the best car for kids…..)  I love that man.

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  1. YAY! for a fun win! Definitely sounds like you needed it.

  2. wait! wait! It was $150 gift certificate?!?! That's way more then a boost, that's a make your entire friggin' month sort of boost! triple yay! for that!

  3. Hooray! Get yourself something fabulous to wear with some of those oh-so-cute felt flowers. I'm so glad you made some. I've been positively drooling over the same project, but am sticking to my guns and trying to complete projects from my pile.


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