Summer Toddler Dress

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted. I’ve been really sick for nearly two weeks, so I’ve been sewing a lot but not taking pictures. I seem to only have enough energy for one thing 🙂

Anyways, a few weeks back I picked up a new pattern to use as a summer staple for my daughter’s wardrobe. You know the kind that doesn’t take much fabric or time to make?  I rarely buy Simplicity patterns, but blast it all, they have the best toddler patterns. 
So the one I picked up is 3511, a square neck dress/top with flutter or elastic sleeves. It’s so easy – I’ve been making one a day (cutting out and all). I’ve had to stop because I ran out of fusible interfacing. Sad.
Hopefully I can get a few good pictures of the shirts and dresses up soon. I can’t promise too much, since my daughter and husband are fighting the same bug as me – my girl hates picture time when she’s healthy. I’m not sure how she’ll do if I try while she’s sick!

Dahlia Flower {part 2}

I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday, celebrating Mother’s Day.
I thought I’d better post some pictures of my Mom and I wearing our felt flowers:
my mom’s

I’m still in love. I think I’m headed to the fabric store with some of my birthday money to buy more felt tomorrow!

I Actually Won Something??

Ok, so I never win anything. I have the worst luck. Really. I remember going to a jr high raffle and wanting to win the big (who knows what it was) prize. I think I walked away with a coupon or something, but I was elated. I’ve never had any luck from then on.

Now the Hubs on the other hand, wins all the time. Or at least he did before we got married. He’s won a computer, golf clubs, and a number of other things I can’t remember.

But today my luck changed.

I won a gift certificate to Down East Basics via Gabrielle Blair’s DesignMom blog. (oh how I love her. have I mentioned that? no? oh, well I do.)  How awesome is that??

Especially since life kinda sucks right now. Seems like we can’t keep our heads above water and the issues keep pilling up. This morning I was feeling particularly down and just plodding through one of my many design projects, listening to the sirens out side. (a pedestrian was hit by a car on the corner of our street) And then I looked at my email. And there it was –  a note from Gabrielle telling me I won.

What a great boost of spirits that email was!

Just proof that when life is hard, there is always something to brighten your day. A call/visit from a friend, a tv ad, a comment on your blog, a smile from a stranger, or winning a giveaway – something comes along to make us feel better.

Anyways, thanks a ton to Gabrielle and the folks over at DownEast!!!

My hubs’ reaction? “Now go win us a car!” (we have a two door Alero – not the best car for kids…..)  I love that man.

Happy Mother’s Day

I hope that every woman has a beautiful day today where she feels loved, appreciated, and special. 
Because each woman is a mother. 

Every woman is by nature a nurturer, no matter what the ideals of the time may say. A woman is naturally drawn to loving & caring those things & people who come into her life.
Whether we mother our own children, grandchildren, husbands, relatives, siblings, friends, other people’s children, or pets, all women should see today as a celebration of ourselves.

It is a day for women. A day to celebrate us.

To celebrate what makes us so different than our male counterparts:

our abilities to be mothers. In whatever capacity life allows.   

No Mother’s Day would be complete with out acknowleding the two most influential mothers in my life:
My mother, Pat.

And my mother-in-law, Kathy. 

To both of them – thank you. You are blessed mothers.

Mother’s Day Brooch

Have you seen NotMartha‘s felt dahlia corsages yet? If you haven’t, get your browser over there! ‘Cause this is a must do craft.

Now I know they may seem a little overwhelming, with all the cutting and gluing, but let me tell you, it was totally therapeutic for me and calming. I know, I just said a craft was calming. But it was.

I made mine out of the left over felt from my daughter’s Blue’s Clues Halloween costume, so they are a little on the garish side (has anyone seen dahlia’s in bright blue??), but I’m all about using the on hand stuff. Mainly ’cause I live in the boonies 😉

I also made mine into a hair clip & my mom’s is the brooch. I’m just not cool enough to rock the brooch right now….

Aren’t they just lovely?? Sigh.

Anyways, I made three modifications when I made mine:

1) I made a template for the petals, because I totally fail at cutting things free hand. And I am just OCD enough to want them to match.

2) Megan used FabricTac adhesive and clothespins/heavy pan to glue & hold her petals. Seeing as how I’m super impatient & didn’t have any FabricTac on hand,  I used my aleene’s glue gun (thanks Mom for talking me into it – soooo worth the extra money!) with the smallest nozzle and only put a small dab of glue on each petal.  I got really good results, where as my first try using tacky glue and holding the petals closed with closepins was a disaster. I ended up as a mess of felt with globs of wood stuck to them. Yuck.

3) I cut the 3.25″ circle down to 3″ and then clipped the edges to make the back less bulky when I glued it on to the cardboard. For some reason just folding it over with my felt ended up being really really thick.

the one on the left is the 3.25″ circle and the one on the right is the 3″ one. Crazy how thick the left one is!

Oh and I also omitted the contrasting back and secret pocket, mainly because I didn’t have any other felt.

I am so excited to wear mine tomorrow – I might even make one for my daughter, just toddler size.