Busy Bee

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been marathon reading and crocheting up a storm. Which are equally engrossing and leave little time for photography and crafts…

A while back I stumbled upon the Purl Bee and fell in love with their Icarus scarf pattern. But the yarn they used was a flat silk and at $30/skein totally out of my budget. After talking to my sister and Mere (my yarn experts), I decided to get a fingering weight yarn from Knit Picks and use a large hook to get the open feel that the flat yarn gave the scarf. At $2/skein I could afford to buy enough yarn for two scarves – I was pretty happy.

Sadly, my first attempt didn’t turn out great. Somehow I messed up on the tension so one side was ruffling and my starting chain was far too long, so the scarf dragged on the floor.  I tried felting it, but since the stitches run length wise not width wise, it just made it a bigger mess.

Because I used my favorite yarn on my first attempt (silly me), I really wanted to save it. Mom to the rescue! I showed her the scarf and she suggested ruffling it. Brillant! So I did a running stitch the length I wanted and then bunched up the remaining length.  Now my illfated Icarus scarf is a pink delight. I love wearing it.

My second attempt turned out much better. I cut the starting chain down to 100 and then made sure I kept the right tension the whole way through. And since I had so much yarn left over, I made a hat to match. Super, super cute. The pattern I sued for the hat is the Cloche from the Lion Brand website.

For the pink scarf I used Rogue, Lipstick and Blush. For the blue, I used Calypso Heather, Sky, and Whirlpool. I was really pleased that the colors on the website were very close to the actual color of the yarn. And super soft.

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  1. Ooo, so pretty! I love the pink ruffly one in particular!

  2. DELICIOUS! Oh, how I love scarves, and these are just fabulous.


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