Toddler Star Skirt

My dear friend, whom I call the Bestie, had a complete stroke of genius while making one of the elastic banded skirts
She put hearts on the sides! 
I just about died with glee when I got the picture. And she says she has no talent *scoff*
Being a natural artist, I had to borrow her idea and tweak it just a bit.
 I used photoshop (because my copy of illustrator is being a pain) to create a template for the stars, then cut them out of white seersucker I had laying around. Using the same method for the elastic skirt, I cut out the fabric to the dims I wanted. I used a medium weight denim that my Mom had given me, but used the wrong side (the right side was that dated blue blue denim that was popular bakc in ’93).
 Then before making the back seam, I measured and pinned the stars to the side of the skirt. I played around a bit and decided that I liked the look of a tight zigzag around the outside of the stars in white.
And here you have it – a star skirt!

Next time I may follow my sister’s advice and make pockets, which would be stinking adorable, dontcha think?
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  1. so, so cute. I'm thinkin' of getting some fabric to make these out of…and then attempting to imitate the pattern (flowers, big polka dot, etc) for pockets. We'll see when that happens.


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