flower art

So, I have a big aversion to fabric crafts and glue guns. Something about the two paired together screams 1970 crappy crafty. Like those fabric covered frames and photo albums. Blehck.

Am I the only one?

Anyways, I’ve wanted things to decorate my daughter’s room that were a bit more than just decorator art (you know the “paintings” people by just ’cause they match a room?). The previous owner had painted the smaller bedroom princess pink, so that’s the room she got when we moved in.

When she was born, I had intended for her room to be mainly soft sage green and dark wood. Funny how it’s turned, over the course of her two years, into pink with bright green and white furniture! I love the transformation, though. So perfect for my fairy princess loving girl.

LollyChops had pompoms as flowers during her WallFlower Week (which was seriously close to craft crack for me) and I had to incorporate them into my girl’s room. Only I didn’t want to spend any money. ‘Cause I cheap. 🙂

And that’s where things got super crafty.

Left over yarn from a scarf I just made (more about that in another post) got wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and then cut and cut and cut into pompoms.

No paper on hand that I liked, so I cut a piece from her old crib “skirt”, put some batting behind it and glued it to the carboard back of the frame.

An old frame that I had painted black for the old nursery got painted green. Then glossy white.

Bright green ribbon from some bow project turned into the stems and leaves.

All secured together with the really expensive glue gun I just bought. (oh it was sooo worth it)

Aside from some wayward glue, I really like how it turned out. Maybe the frame was a tad bit big, but since I had it on hand, well, it’s perfect.

The cost of this project?


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  1. And ya know what, ya just can't beat free…especially when it turns out half as fabulous as yours did.


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