Elastic Band Skirt {Toddler Size} Revised!

I finally got a hold of some wide elastic to put on my daughter’s “princess” skirt. The smaller width just looked like underwear to me. So, I decided to revise the tutorial to reflect the use of a wider band. And I made it all one page, so clickety click to make it big.

And of course, I had to take pictures of the skirt, being modeled by my adorable girl. She sure loves anything princess these days and this full twirly skirt seems to fit the bill.

Oh and Rachel, I know there are tons of typos. I’ll fix them later. Maybe. 🙂

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  1. i wasn't even going to say anything this time. love the skirt. can't tell if she does by the pose. i remember that fabric. i want to tackle one but she can't where it in alaska. we are packing snow shoes and pants instead.

  2. i could make some for the twins.

  3. that typo was intentional.

  4. ahhh, I see the vision now. You're right, the wide elastic helps loads.


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