We live in a small town. I love it. People are (for the most part) really nice. We have a good community, one that sets off fireworks for the start of Little League.

The only draw back?

We have one fabric store in town. It’s a specialty quilt shop, with great fabric and prices that make your eyes pop out.

So I haul myself to the JoAnn’s 30 mins away when I need new fabric.

We used to live in a town littered with amazing fabric shops and a JoAnns to die for. The sewing spirit is alive and well in Utah.

Not so much at my current JoAnns.

Seriously, I haven’t been tempted by more than one or two bolts in the 8 months I’ve lived in the area.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

But good for the pocket book.

My mother-in-law reminded me of an awesome fabric store about 1.5 hours away, where I bought crepe back satin for my bride’s maids dresses for $3/yd. They have bolts and bolts of fabric that they just cut and tear off. It’s like seamstress heaven.

The drive isn’t so appealing to me, but the next time I have some play money, that’s where I’m headed.

Because life just ain’t as bright with out piles of adorable fabric waiting to be made into adorable things.

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  1. You know, Harts is only about 40 minutes away from your house and about 5 minutes away from mine. think you can order online, too!!

  2. Oh Mere, you are a life saver!!


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